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A little bit about me

My name is Guy Crochet and I am an international concert performer and a guitar teacher. Welcome on my Web site where I am pleased to greet you and to help you in your musical aspirations…

Born in France in Le Mans in 1964, I traveled across the world and discovered different styles of musics and met various artists such as Paco de Lucia, Carlos Santana, Jh.Mc.Laughlin, the Gipsy Kings, Manitas de Plata and other guitarists, singers or musicians who largely contributed to the development of my musical imporvement.

After more than 15 years of teaching guitar, playing in concerts, and recording CDs, I developed my own guitar learning method adapted to every styles such as the accompaniment of light music (F.Cabrel, G.Brassen, Manu Bye or Raphaël), Bossa Nova (Vinicius De Moraes, Toquinho, Carlos Jobim…), Jazz/fusion (Jh. Mc. L Al di Meola...) and of course and especially Flamenco and Gypsy (Paco De Lucia, Tomatito, Sabicas, Niño Ricardo…)

I proposed lessons and training courses in France and abroad, which are appropriate and directed towards an easy and fast training of the guitar (technical, rhythmic, harmonic and melodic) by developing first of all the musical memory, the breathing and the concentration. This general education will enable you to discover in a few weeks the accoustic and convivial universe of this unique instrument. Then, thanks to a more intensive work you will find your musical independence (and why not become a professionnal guitar player) by working the basic essencials with efficient training methods, without getting lost in the twists of traditionnal classical sometimes boring training.

Singing (one's songs or others' songs) and accompanying oneself on the guitar, animating a party, or living it up, inflaming summer's nights with frenzied rhythms! Young people… Older people… there is no limit… Everything is allowed…! Everything is possible… Learning without even looking learning… Being filled with wonder while progressing… Who never dreamed of playing an instrument and especially scratching a guitar on a beach around a campfire, or losing in one's dream world to reach other's dreams.

I am waiting for you having confidence in bringing what you are looking for. Absolute beginners, amateurs, initiates, professionals and future concert performers (see training courses suggested), in private lessons or in intensive training courses, I commit myself to bringing you as soon as possible all the technique and the musical quality necessary to develop your musical gifts and help you to find fulfilment in music and especially Flamenco.

Finally, for the amateurs of live concerts (intimate or large scenes) I am waiting for you with the Armidiana or Spanish' Oriental bands (my various guitars duets and trios) for moments of Flamenco, Flamenco Fusion, musical travels around (among others) Mediterranean, Oriental, or Latino/jazz musics. You can also consult the timetable of my shows with the dates and places of representations and the various links Web sites.

Training Courses flamenco


  • Development soloist hand technique:
    • Rasgueados, alzapua, tremolo, picados…
  • Left hand exercises (specific to flamenco):
    • Synchronization, precision, speed, musculation, easing and dexterity of the hands etc…
  • Study of the palmas:
    • Rhythmic work of the hands on the compasses, counting of times.
  • Study of the various compasses:
    • Solea, Alegria, Fandango, Buleria, Taranta, Rumba, etc…
  • Study of the specific flamenco and flamenco/jazz harmony:
    • Study of the scales and improvisation
    • Work and setting up of the Falsetas
  • Approach of various flamencos "toqués":
    • Analyze of different touches : Paco de Lucia, Habichuela, Sabicas, Tomatito, Niño Ricardo etc…
  • Musical composition:
    • To compose, harmonize and finalize its own works.
  • Musical fusions with:
    • The Jazz, Bossa Nova, Oriental musics, etc…
  • Ear Training:
    • Training of the hearing, listening and deciphering of pieces of music.
    • Musical and rhythmic approach with the voice
  • Approach of various methods (working methods, memorization):
    • Management of the working time: pleasure, practice…
    • The "Memo-techniques"
  • Relaxation and sophrology:
    • Work on breathing, management of the stage fright, stretchings related to the technical development
    • Stage and audience.
    • Exercises of postural rehabilitation to improve one's playing, technique, endurance…
    • Concert at the end of the training course with the pupils


  • One week end: (minimum 6 people, maximum 15 per days and for the duration of the training course)
    • 3 days complete (Fr.Sat.Sun) 10 a.m - 12 a.m ; 1 p.m - 4 p.m. / Personnal working from 1 to 2 hours at the end of the day
  • One week: (minimum 6 people, maximum 15 per days and for the duration of the training course)
    • 7 days complete (from Monday to Sunday) 10 a.m - 12 a.m ; 1 p.m - 4 p.m. / + 1 to 2 hours of personal working and debates, forum on various topics


  • The tariffs depend on the chosen formula and estimated on request.
  • The teaching expenses are fixed and will depend on the exact number of registered persons.
  • The price of the displacements will be fixed according to the current inclusive prices applied in the prefectures (car, train, plane, hotel trade, catering etc…)
  • A down payment (reservation) by cheque of 30% will be required in return of a signature of the contract which will be stopped at the date of reception of this one.

Curriculum Vitae

Vocational Training

  • 1982 à 1986 : tudied the traditional guitar in Lyon (private teaching)
  • 1988 à 1998 : Studied the flamenco guitar in Montpellier, Toulouse and Madrid Various training courses of flamenco guitar with Manolo Sanlucar, Claude Worms and Pedro Soler.
  • 1993 à 1994 : Studied the harmony Jazz with L'APEJ in Chambéry
  • 1994 à 2006 : Studied the South-American and Brazilian musics, and fusion with flamenco, jazz, Oriental and Indian musics in France and Mauritius (especially with the percussionnist of Ravi Shankar)

Other Training

  • Worked on the postural and muscular reeducation of musicians with the professors M.Pizzard (reeducation of the hand in Chambéry) and V. Travers (surgery of the upper limbs, private clinic of the Park in Lyon)
  • Studied relaxation and breathing related to the concentration, the stage fright and the channelling of energy (sophrology)

Professional Musician

  • Concert performer author, composer and interpreter (on the SACEM register)
  • Guitar Teacher (every styles) at the MJC of St.Paul Trois Châteaux (during 15ans)
  • Flamenco Guitar Teacher: (Flamenco, Flamenco / jazz) private courses and Conservatory F.Chopin in Mauritius.
  • Soloist Guitar player and composer for the Cinty Kam band (Gypsy music and Flamenco) with a first CD: "Voyage"
  • Founder, soloist, author and composer of the India band (Flamenco / Jazz fusion)
  • Soloist Guitar polauyer and composer of the musical "La Légende de Sarah”
  • Soloist Guitar player and accompanist for the Armidiana band (Mediterranean music)
  • Soloist Guitarist player, composer and founder of the Spanish’Oriental band (Eastern musics and Flamenco).




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